Family-sponsored immigration is the primary way in which families come together from different parts of the world. Family unity is one of the values of Canada as a country and the Canadian government has designed the immigration law to reflect the high priority they place on family unification.

If you want to process immigration for any of your family members, then you need a competent spousal sponsorship lawyer in Toronto to handle your family-sponsored immigration. This is because of the technicalities involved in family immigration.

At AKM Law, we have years of experience in providing expert immigration legal help in all types of sponsorships, including complex cases of inadmissibility due to criminality, removal orders, bankruptcy, and so on.

AKM Law provides various family-sponsored immigration services, so let’s take a look at these services.

Spousal sponsorship

You can sponsor your spouse, common-law, or conjugal partner to become a Canadian permanent resident. You may sponsor your spouse regardless of whether the spouse is currently living inside or outside of Canada. Our comprehensive applications never result in an immigration interview, which can cause arbitrary refusals. If you need more information on spousal sponsorship click here

Spousal sponsorship refusals

If your spousal sponsorship application has been refused you may have a right to appeal the decision to the Immigration Appeal Division, in which case you must appeal within 30 days of the refusal. If the application was refused based on inadmissibility then you will need to appeal at the Federal Court of Canada. You can get more information by clicking here.

Parents and grandparents sponsorship

20,000 applications will be accepted by the IRCC on the basis of first come first serve. This popular immigration stream allows Canadian citizens and permanent residents to sponsor their parents and grandparents for permanent residency. The PGP Expression of Interest forms will be available at the beginning of 2019. Click here for more information on parents and grandparents sponsorship.

Dependent children and other sponsorships

Dependent children may be eligible to come to Canada in order to reside with their parents. This includes adopted children. An orphaned brother, sister, nephew, niece, or grandchild may also be eligible under this category. In exceptional circumstances, other family members may also be eligible. If you need family-sponsored immigration for dependent children and other sponsorships, click here for more information.

Sponsor your family

You may be able to sponsor certain relatives to immigrate to Canada under the Family Class if you are at least 18 years old and either a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada. If you sponsor a relative to come to Canada as a permanent resident, you must: support your relative financially when they arrive, be able to meet basic needs for yourself and your relatives and make sure your relative doesn’t need social assistance. Click here to get more information on how to go about sponsoring your family.


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