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There are times when temporary residents of Canada need to extend their stay for one reason or the other. This is not really surprising as it often comes up among temporary residents every year. One mistake that some temporary residents who need an extension in their stay make is that they wait until their current status expires. This is a big mistake and shows a lack of knowledge and experience. This is why a competent law firm like AKM Law is advised for immigration matters.

The application to extend stay in Canada is strictly for the following set of people.

  • Temporary residents that want to extend their stay as a visitor.
  • Temporary residents that want to change their permit type.
  • To change a work permit to a visitor record.
  • To change study permit to a visitor record.

A visitor record is a document that is given to you when your application to extend your stay is approved. It usually includes a new expiry date that indicates when you should leave the country. A visitor record doesn’t really guarantee you entry back into Canada in a case where you go outside Canada. Therefore, you will need a valid entry document to come back into the country.

If you are a visitor or student looking to get a visitor record, it is vital that you send in the application before the expiry date of your status. It is essential that we reiterate this, as it is very important for anyone applying. At least 30 days prior is usually advised.

If your resident status or study permit expires before you receive a decision on your extension application, you are allowed to stay in the country under what is referred to as “Implied Status.” You can either apply for a visitor record on paper or online.

Residents are often advised to apply online as your application is gotten immediately and your application can be processed quickly. It is essential that you complete your application as incomplete applications will be returned to you. An online application ensures that you complete your application before submission.

The process of extending your stay can be quite tedious with all the requirements and rules guiding the process. It is therefore imperative that you get immigration lawyers in Toronto to handle your application for a visitor record. AKM Law is one of the law firms in Toronto that offer full service including advising you and handling your visitor record application. So, what are you waiting for, contact us today so we can start the process as soon as possible?



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