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Permanent Residence
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Permanent Residence

Every year over 200,00 people effectively become permanent residence of Canada. There are a variety of methods to become a permanent resident of Canada. The process of obtaining permanent residency is complex. It is also in a state of constant change due to different foreign policy initiatives and modifications to regulations.

At AKM Law we stay informed of all changes and adapt to provide you with the best course of action in obtaining permanent residency.

There are various programs under which you can become a Permanent resident of Canada

As permanent resident you must maintain your residency in order to comply with Canada’s obligations

You must meet the residency obligations. You have to spend a minimum of 730 days in Canada within the past five years. There are situations in which you can accumulate days spent outside of Canada
  1. Accompanying a Canadian citizen who is your spouse, common-law partner or parent (if you are under 19)
  2. Employed by a Canadian company or working for the public service of canada and as a term of your job has been assigned on a full-time position outside of Canada
  3. Accompanying a permanent resident who is your spouse, common-law partner or parent (if your are under the age of 19) and they were employed full time by a Canadian business or working in the public service of Canada.

Another obligation of a PR is to pay taxes and respect all Canadian laws

As a permanent resident you have most rights that a Canadian citizen would have such as:
  • Social benefits
  • Health care
  • Live, work, or study anywhere in Canada
  • Apply for Canadian citizenship
  • Protection under Canadian law

However, the following are rights not allotted to PRs

  • Vote or run for political office
  • Hold jobs that need a high-level security clearance
  • Can be denied entry into Canada
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